AccessTUNER Pro.

AccessTUNER Pro is a suite of engine tuning software created BY professional engine tuners FOR professional engine tuners. AccessTUNER Pro allows the tuner to get into the heart of the OEM ECU and create custom calibrations for vehicles with aftermarket intakes, exhausts, turbos, cams or any combination of performance modifications. The calibration is then flashed to the ECU via the AccessPORT handheld ECU flashing device, generating maximum power gains tailored to the vehicle’s unique modifications, with all of the drive-ability and sophistication inherent in the OEM ECU. Some of the key features found in the AccessTUNER Pro include:

  • Integral Datalogging: Datalog multiple channels of data from the ECU through a dynamometer test for detailed analysis of engine performance.
  • Integral Dashboard: Shows tuner chosen gauges to be displayed on-screen throughout the tuning process.
  • Unit Conversion: Ability to easily convert between metric and standard units so the tuner can use units he/she is most familiar with.
  • Map Database: Free access to a map database of over 300 base maps from COBB Tuning that provide excellent starting points for specific modifications.
  • Technical Support: Outstanding technical support from the software engineering team and our expert calibrators.
  • Hot Keys: Convenient on-touch short-cut keys allow easy data manipulation of common tuning operations.
  • Open WBO2 Interface: Integrates with a wide selection of Wideband O2 sensors.
  • Embedded Stock Data: Stock tuning data (ROMs) are self-contained inside the software itself, providing the OEM baseline tune for each vehicle supported by the software.

AccessTUNER Pro software is the tool designed for the COBB Pro Tuner network of professional engine tuners, allowing them to extract the most power out of any car equipped with an AccessPORT, from the mildest of modifications to the wildest of customizations