COBB AccessTUNER Pro Supports Speed Density Tuning



Speed Density Tuning

COBB Tuning is proud to announce the availability of AccessTUNER Pro “Speed Density” support for all Subaru drive-by-wire vehicles equipped with a COBB v2 AccessPORT. The new “Speed Density” implementation instructs the ECU to calculate load by using temperature and manifold absolute pressure (MAP) as opposed to the OEM code that utilizes mass air flow (MAF). This development addresses the growing demand within the Subaru enthusiast community for motorsports grade engine management without sacrificing the drive-ability and sophistication inherent in the OEM ECU.

The most basic function of an engine control unit (ECU) is to measure airflow and its translation to engine load. Precise and consistent load calculations along with feedback from other critical sensors allow the ECU to accurately control ignition timing, variable camshafts, and fuel delivery. The most common way to measure load in modern vehicles is with a mass air flow sensor (MAF). Vehicles with stock engines and mild upgrades can utilize the MAF sensor with excellent overall results. However, in a motor sports application where power levels are extremely high and intake airflow configurations are less standardized, the use of a MAF sensor can be highly limiting.

The enhanced AccessTUNER Pro software now offers multiple ECU control modes to give the professional tuner and AccessPORT user a wider choice of engine modifications and tuning options. The software can program the ECU to run in the traditional pure MAF mode, a pure “Speed Density” mode, or a hybrid of both MAF and “Speed Density” with multiple configurable parameters to control dynamic mode switching.

Surgeline Tuning (, a premier COBB tuning and installation facility, has performed rigorous testing of the software and has validated “Speed Density” and hybrid modes on MAP sensor equipped Subaru test vehicles with impressive results. This means that high horsepower projects that would typically require the use of expensive and comparatively unreliable stand-alone ECU’s can now benefit from the reliability and consistency of the stock ECU partnered with the increasingly capable Cobb AccessPORT and COBB’s network of experienced professional tuners.

The COBB AccessPORT is the ultimate hand-held ECU reprogramming, managing and monitoring device available and COBB Tuning’s ongoing delivery of innovative features and functionality continues to widen the gap to the competition. No other solution even comes close! Access the Potential!